If you don’t have the time to spend on a more in-depth cleaning routine, you probably don’t have the time to read long and boring articles about our upholstery cleaning system. We know the average Internet browser won’t spend more than a few minutes on one single text, so in order to be super effective and share with your our values and visions, we prefer to offer this short resume of our upholstery cleaning team and their approach to all Watford domestic and commercial clients.

Get to know Cleaning Services and our job in Watford better:

  • First of all, we pride ourselves with an enviable experience and knowledge, we have managed to accumulate for the decades we are in the Watford market at every aspect of professional services starting with carpet cleaning and finishing with after builders cleaning. Although, our inner passion and desire to help others is what drives us forward and what our reputation of 100% positive customer feedback company is built on.
  • We also managed to form a team of upholstery cleaning experts to share our visions and values. We are happy we have found the people as motivated as we are to deliver the highest quality and never settle for something mediocre and fairly good. No compromise on quality here! We have invested a lot in their training and helping them understand and know how to work with all kinds of fabrics. To this date, there is no one single Cleaning Services member ever making our clients unhappy and not satisfied and we plan to work the same way for at least a hundred years more.
  • We also invest in high-quality equipment and products to match and reflect our professionalism. We offer a 2-step upholstery cleaning system you can’t find offered anywhere else in Watford.
  • Our methods and techniques are insured and approved, ensuring the highest standards for quality, safety, health and hygiene. In fact, not to show off and brag, but we set the standards in Watford!
  • In addition, we offer upholstery protectants and carpet deodorisers for a long-lasting and really impressive effect!
  • We know inviting strangers in your home, or working space can be pretty stressful, however, all of our members are vetted, insured and time-proven as loyal and very disciplined. Which leads us to…
  • We offer the perfect organisation. Well, not to brag, but only Cleaning Services can offer such high quality and perfectionism in a flash! Our upholstery cleaning service is timely and we always keep in mind your schedule! Even if you are at home, our service is hassle-free and we minimise the disruption!
  • We are respectful. We want to answer your expectations, ideas, requirements. We want to know the spots you are most concerned about and bring them back to their initial flawless quality and look. We pay extra attention to trouble spots and remove all the stubborn dirt and stains with a no damaging guarantee because we know fabrics the best!
  • We offer free upholstery cleaning estimates to reduce even more our low and affordable prices!

If you feel you have additional questions and information request, be sure to get in touch and we will be more than happy to answer and help you make the smartest choice in Watford!