You know this saying – a clean house is a sign of a wasted life. Well, as a house cleaning company in Watford we can’t support this statement, however, we understand that you can do pretty more interesting, fun, or relaxing stuff instead of spending a weekend after an intensive and dynamic working week I sweeping, washing and rubbing. Spend some quality time, read a good book, go on a weekend getaway, the choice is all yours, however, what to do with the messy house? Well, we have the best solution for efficient, affordable and timely service available in Watford. Our home cleaning and maintenance services in Watford are designed to give you the peace of mind you deserve while we deal with all the boring and intensive work. Don’t worry, we don’t think we waste our lives because we highly believe in helping others and this is our way to do it and that makes us better people… well, at least really good and experienced professionals! So if your house is a mess and you really don’t enjoy it that way, simply get in touch with Cleaning Services and we will clean it to perfection in a flash and we won’t break the bank! If your workplace is a mess we can also help with office cleaning.

Making your home sparkle within hours

Do you need more free time? We can make it happen! For decades we are the best and most experienced and trusted time gift shop in Watford or said with other words – we are very knowledgeable and vetted house cleaning experts in your area for maximum comfort and convenience. Besides being good, we are also professionally trained in the most advanced innovational cleaning, care and maintenance systems available. We know the best approach to every stain and dirt particle in your home and know exactly how to deal with stubborn dirt and dust without causing damages and bringing everything back to its initial flawless condition. Walls, windows, furniture pieces, machinery, decoration, floors and carpets and many more – you name it, we make it sparkling clean, sanitised and fresh-smelling! You can also benefit from our more in-depth treatments such as hard floor and carpet cleaning.

Forget the hassle and stress – choose professional cleaning

Cleaning Services provides you with detailed residential maintenance and care service in the Watford area with attention to every detail and especially the spots you are most concerned about. We love trouble spots, they make us look like even better professionals! Well, not really, however, we are very respectful of your requirements, ideas and desires and look forward to hearing more from you, so we can be able to answer all your expectations. Besides our great working approach and the ability to get rid of every dirt and dust, our services come with a great price tag you will really enjoy. If you need some more information and want to discuss your house cleaning plan in Watford with us, be sure to call us on 020 3696 9499, or alternatively leave us a message on or in the contact form of our website.