Hard floors, no matter if wood, stone, or man-made material, are a wise investment, because of their long-lasting power and stability. In fact, if you make sure you follow the recommendations of the experts for maintenance, cleaning and care, your hard floor can last you for more than a hundred years. In addition, hard floors are also very smart choice, because unlike carpets, and their constant requirements of carpet cleaning, their texture is not the one to accumulate big amount of dust and dirt, which makes them very hygienic and very good option for families, where allergies are an issue. Especially with natural material floors, such as wood and stone, you have the ability to completely transform, revamp and refresh them whenever you believe they need a renovation and they will look amazing back again. However, in order to achieve this long-lasting flawless beauty and stability, you have to go for professional help and advice from time to time and this is what we at Cleaning Services offer to all domestic and commercial clients in Watford.

Certified and experienced cleaning provider

We are experienced and qualified company established in Watford decades ago, accumulating knowledge and expertise for the years we are in the branch and specialising in hard floor cleaning for years. In fact, we are real professionals in every aspect of all the cleaning services available, however, hard floor cleaning is a special service that needs more attention and knowledge. We are trained in the most advanced, efficient and successful techniques for removing the dirt, dust and stubborn stains from all kinds of surfaces as a part of our house cleaning service or as individual and more in-depth treatment. We know exactly how to work with wood, stone, marble, vinyl, etc. without causing damages while getting rid of all the debris. We will double-check every nook and corner of your property, making sure it is sparkling clean and fresh everywhere for your maximal comfort, convenience, safety and health. In addition, to help our professionalism and knowledge unwind their full potential, we invest in highest quality innovative equipment and products, which are non-toxic, eco- and family-friendly and in the same time effective enough to get rid of everything unwanted, which may ruin the appearance of your floor.

Watford’s best quality hard floor cleaning

However, even the professional hard floor cleaning service is sometimes not enough. Real material floors such as wood, stone and marble often are experiencing some issues, which cannot be a subject of the usual maintenance routine. Scratches, discolouration, worn finish and dirt build-ups and more are most likely to happen with time and due to everyday use, frequent traffic and environmental impact. In that case, if your stone or wooden flooring already faces some serious issues and defects, we can also provide you with our effective and insured sanding and honing services with 100% satisfaction guarantee. Both maintenance treatments are developed to remove all the imperfections on the surface of the floor, leaving it completely sleek, polished, even and smooth. That way you make sure your floor will experience also additional protection, otherwise, if you neglect even finer issues they could grow bigger and make you replace the whole floor.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions and we can discuss our hard floor cleaning project in Watford.