Kitchen areas are normally the most challenging areas when it comes to maintaining a clean, sanitised and tidy home. Due to frequent use and due to their specific character, kitchens often require more in-depth and thorough maintenance more often than any other area of the house. If you still have the courage to neglect all the chores and duties waiting for you to deal them in the kitchen, then the next day you are going to face a big pile of tasks that is even harder to deal with. Yes, kitchen duties and tasks are accumulating quicker than you think, but you probably already know that. On the other hand kitchen cleaning is a big necessity that cannot be ignored, otherwise, the dirty and messy kitchen can lead to an unhealthy indoor environment.

We are all short on time and big on things we have to do, so a bit of professional help is always welcomed. And who is better than giving professional and helpful advice than a cleaning company with great experience at house cleaning, working in more extreme situations such as stressful end of tenancy cleaning and meeting the needs of professional and business clients?

Today we will share with you our time-proven and successful advice on how to deep-clean kitchen appliances in a hurry because starting with your kitchen appliances and maintaining them clean and sanitised is how the perfect kitchen is achieved!

Before starting with the main job, keep in mind a few things. The optimal time you are going to need for thorough cleaning of the main kitchen appliances is around an hour, so be sure to have one free. The supplies you are going to need are vinegar, scrub brush, all-purpose cleaning product, dish soap, microfiber cloth, rags and paper towels.

Starting with cleaning the oven is best done by quickly removing the food with the windows open. You can also heavily spray a non-toxic degreaser in the interior and then shut the door for a while and let the cleaner work.

Start cleaning the microwave by taking out the glass plate and wash it in the sink as you usually do with plates. Then spray the interior with an all-purpose cleaner, or alternatively, you can put a bowl full of water and lemon juice and run the microwave until the water boils.

Dishwasher has to be empty to start cleaning it. Start with removing the racks and then spray the edges and wipe clean. Then check the trap at the bottom of food and dirt accumulated and remove if needed.

Refrigerator cleaning starts with decluttering and throwing away anything old and expired. Then take the rest out and remove all drawers and shelves, then wash them in the sink with dish soap. Spray the interior of the refrigerator with non-toxic cleaner and wipe down. Your refrigerator should be extra clean and sanitised right now, ready to use!