Your family pet is part of your family. You love your four-legged friend and you want the best for him. However, it is not a secret that cleaning after your pet and maintaining an extra clean house in perfect condition while having at least one dog or cat is pretty much a serious challenge. But this doesn’t mean it is impossible to have both – the loyal love of your pet friend and a home that makes guests wow.

With the spring season just around the corner, the season of shedding is here too. And dealing with shedding can really be a pain! Your furry friend is probably going to make your house cleaning routine (and even worse – carpet and upholstery cleaning) way more challengeable, but hey, it all worth it at the end! So here are a few easy ways to clean after your cat or dog in springtime:

  • With the season of shedding around the corner, the best thing you can do to make your and your pet’s life easier is making sure your pet or pets are groomed regularly. In addition, every cat and dog have a favourite area in the house, where they love to rest and chill, so make sure to track down this area and place a towel or sheet on that area in order to prevent hair being collected in your carpet, or in the gaps of your hardwood flooring. Shake the sheet regularly and wash it at least once a week separately from your clothes and bedding.
  • Keep an eye on secret places where hair may migrate to and hide. A good idea is to keep track of what is happening behind the door and under the bed.
  • If you are tired of tracking down the hair and inspecting the whole house for them every single day, you can prevent the major hangout by rubbing a fabric softener sheet over your pet. That way you can attract the main hair, without tugging and pull with a brush. It is completely safe for your pets to use a fabric softener sheet that way.
  • Vacuum your house more often than other times and use full suction power, especially on your carpet, because your carpet is a magnet for hair. That way you prevent pet hair build-up. You can try an electrostatic mop for hard floors.
  • Removing pet hair from upholstered furniture pieces and from the blinds and curtains is not that hard as it may sound to you. All you need is a dry and clean sponge that you can run over the upholstered pieces and other pieces of fabric around the house and the fur will stick right to it. Alternatively, you can use a pair of rubber gloves to replace the dry sponge with the same efficiency.
  • Do you struggle with “hairy” clothes because your pet is shedding like crazy? Then get a few lint rollers and place them strategically next to the front door, your coats rack or closet, or even put one in your bag or in your car. That way you can be sure that you always have a lint roller on hand.