We often get questions about household cleaning routines. It is easy to see why people want to be able to clean their houses faster and using effective and easier methods. In fact, everyone wants to know the best way for cleaning their house in the least amount of time, because chores can get often a bit too overwhelming and consume too much of our precious time.

There is an art of cleaning the whole house effectively and for almost no time. Of course, cleaning, in general, is a matter of your own habits and what works the best for you and your house, but there are some methods and techniques that work the best for anyone. The art of speed cleaning your house has nothing to do with resources and special techniques and anyone is able to learn it and count on it. It only takes a bit time to get used to it.

We believe that the main secret behind this art is cleaning your house on an everyday basis. If you are not used to maintenance routine like that, you will be surprised how everything gets easier and faster when spending a few minutes each day of taking care of certain areas of the house. Taking baby steps is better working in this situation than neglecting all the household chores to the point when there are too many tasks and duties accumulated to deal with. Overall, having a simple and effective daily cleaning routine is a huge timesaver and makes life easier.

However, following your daily routine is not always possible, so here is a step-by-step guide to making your life easier, when you have to speed clean the whole house at once:

  • Gather your tools – Keep all your favourite cleaning tools and products in one place, so you can reach them quickly and no wandering around the whole house searching for them. Some of the most useful cleaning tools are a feather duster, microfiber cloths, lint roller, all-purpose, disinfecting and glass cleaner and disinfecting wipes.
  • Set a timer – The most realistic timeframe for speed cleaning the whole house is around 30 minutes. Set the timer to stay motivated and focused on your priorities.
  • Start by collecting everything that can be tossed. Use a garbage bag to collect everything in one place. The same goes for dirty clothes – collect them quickly in a laundry basket.
  • Then quickly dust all surfaces. A feather duster is a great helper for dusting quickly.
  • Once the surfaces are relatively free of dust, wipe them with the correct cleaners and then wipe clean with a microfiber cloth. Disinfecting wipes also do wonders for a quick clean.
  • Wipe the mirrors and glass surfaces next. A quick spray and swipe over mirrors and glass surfaces won’t take too much time, but it will make such a big difference.
  • Quickly vacuum the floors to get rid of all debris and dust. Don’t forget all the corners and pay special attention to busier areas around the house, where dirt and grime are accumulated quicker.
  • Make the beds – making the beds will instantly make the whole bedroom look more put-together. Fluff the pillows and straighten the blankets.

Finally, if you just cannot be bothered with taking care of all chores, professional one-off cleaning is always a good idea for your house and professional office cleaning is a smart investment for your workplace!