If you have already, at least once in your life or on a weekly and even everyday basis, experienced the benefits and advantages of hiring a professional house cleaning, one-off and office cleaning service, then congratulations, you have found the meaning of this life! Well, not really, or at least not entirely, but still, hiring a professional cleaner is great, one of the best investments you can do! There are many reasons why you would like to have some professional cleaning help and assistance and today we are not here to discuss all of them, but if you need a few hints why in order to not feel guilty next time you pick up the phone and make a call to your local cleaning agency – have a quick look at all our previous blog articles.

Today we are here to discuss how you can maintain your house clean and tidy – just the way it was left by the specialists the last time they have visited you. Because no matter how often your house is visited by the cleaning team, life is still like and in everyday life there happens things that need your attention and care too. The good news is that there is nothing a lot of worry about and deal with because the cleaning specialists have already done the main job. Here is what is left for you:

Everything has to be in its place

Everything has to be in its place, just the way the cleaning team has left it if you want to maintain that great feeling of a freshly cleaned and organised house after the last visit. So, when you take something out to use it, be sure to put it back, when you are don’t need it anymore. Your target is to avoid piles of anything that can make piles (a little hint for you – everything can make piles!). Mail, dishes, laundry, kid’s toys – don’t leave these hanging on the countertops and any other clear surface – gather them quickly and then organise them where their place is.

Problem areas

Identify your problem areas around the house, where it gets dirty, messy and cluttered faster than anywhere else. And focus on these areas. Maybe it is your kitchen, or living area, or the kid’s bedroom? No matter where this area is in your case – focus on it and don’t leave mess and clutter take up space entirely!


Remember why you have taken the decision to have a cleaning team visiting you every week? It is because you are busy and you don’t have the time for thorough cleaning. Yes, you are still busy and you still don’t have the time to clean the entire house to perfection in one day, however, if you want to maintain it good looking till the next professional visit, then pick up one room to pay attention to for every day of the week. Don’t do it deep and thorough, just organise, vacuum and dust around.

Extend the clean of your floors

There is nothing better than the vacuum lines left on your carpet by the professionals, or the squeaky clean hard floor and if you want to extend this clean look and feel until the next visit, then vacuum or sweep daily. It doesn’t take as much time and energy at all, because the main job is already done by the specialists. Keeping the fine dirt off the floor will prevent from bonding with the moisture in the air and create the grimy film you hate!