You are reading the title and you are wondering what we are actually talking about! Intrigued? We hope so, because today we are sharing with you how you can use condiments to spice up your cleaning game, save a lot of money from not buying those overly advertised cleaning products around the market and even make house cleaning, office cleaning or whatever cleaning healthier, safer and simpler. Here are the most popular ways to use condiments to clean and sanitise your property by using things you already have at home!


This is not the first time we talk about vinegar, but it is really an amazing product with so many purposes, far more than simply seasoning your salad (or seasoning your chips, if you are strange like that!). The power of vinegar is way more than any bacteria or germ around the house can take, because of that we simply admire its sanitising and disinfecting potential and we simply cannot handle giving to vinegar the Oscar award for best cleaning condiment this year. So, if a bit of a harsh smell does not bother you, vinegar is the right way to go for so many cleaning purposes! Some of the most popular ways of using vinegar are for windows, microwave, shower and even stainless steel appliances cleaning. You can mix vinegar with distilled water, salt, oil, baking soda and more for creating highly effective detergents and solutions.

Baking soda

One of the best solutions for stain removal and carpet cleaning is baking soda. As easy as that – pour a bit of baking soda onto the stain, let it absorb the dirt and vacuum a few hours later. A paste of baking soda and a bit of water is also a great abrasive solution for cleaning many types of stubborn and annoying stains.


Half of a lemon that is dipped in salt makes the best solution for making copper, brass and chrome appliances shine to perfection. The lemon acid is great for rust to get loose. Lemon juice that is mixed with baking soda can unclog any drain under the Sun. Lemon juice can also remove stains from plastic containers and laundry stains too, plus make everything smell fresh!


Besides leaving annoying stains, ketchup can also be very helpful in terms of cleaning! The acidity of ketchup is great for polishing copper, for example, because it dissolves tarnish and annoying spots. The same effect can be achieved with silver items.


Mustard powder, if we have to be more specific, makes a great deodoriser, simply mix with a bit of water in order to neutralise strong and nasty smells from containers, jars and more. Mustard powder is also great for getting rid of really annoying and stubborn dirt and grease on your dishes!


Mayonnaise can help you get water marks out of any wooden surface. It is also great for washing pine pitch off your hands and removing adhesive or glue from glass surfaces.


There is no dish that is better without salt and the same can be applied for cleaning. Salt and salty water have so many purposes, like for example getting rid of a wide range of different sorts of stains, scrubbing cast-iron cookware, cleaning coffee pots and more!