No one is born to be the perfect cleaner and organiser (except us, but this is a topic for another article). Mistakes are part of life and a perfect cleaning and organising routine cannot be learnt overnight. A bit of professional help never killed anybody, so here are the most common cleaning mistakes we tracked down you are doing at home, when you are cleaning your house and also when you are cleaning your workplace and 4 ways to prevent these mistakes and make things the proper way.

  • More is more, or not – More cleaning products doesn’t mean better cleaning, effective products and methods does! In addition, today’s cleaning detergents and products are so concentrated that using more than the recommended dose can actually be dangerous and harmful, not the best decision at all. On a regular cleaning day, the number of harsh chemicals and harmful toxins dissolved in the indoor air can be dangerous for your health and safety, especially in rooms with poor ventilation. Prevent that by using the recommended amount of each product and solution and try not to mix cleaning products. There are many natural products and materials and home-made cleaning alternatives you can fully count on for impressive final results and an effective and thoroughly clean, you can find our natural recommendations in our blog, just have a look!
  • Dust before vacuuming – that way you are going to save yourself wasting your time and achieve perfect results in a few minutes. Cleaning from top to bottom is the right direction, so all the dust and dirt accumulated in higher places that your microfiber cloth doesn’t manage to catch can be then collected by the vacuum machine. Try that easy and simple method and you will significantly reduce your cleaning time, we promise you!
  • Use the vacuum’s attachments – Don’t be lazy, use them all, they exist for a reason, not for making your vacuum machine more expensive! If you don’t know the purpose of all those strange-looking tools and attachments, simply check the manufacturer’s instructions, check out in Google, or don’t hesitate to ask us, we can always help you with advice and ideas! Use the proper vacuum’s attachment for hard floors to prevent scratches, use the upholstery attachment for more thorough clean that is gentle enough to the fabric’s structure… you get the idea!
  • Never spray furniture polish directly on furniture – Although it may be very tempting to use furniture spray like a magic wand for getting rid of the accumulated dust and revitalising furniture making it look like brand new, do not be tempted! The problem with sprays is that they release a big number of particles and while most of them are controlled in the draft, a big amount of them are not under control and they can happen upon electronics, curtains, drapes, carpet, mattress, walls and more that can get damaged and made dingy by the polish spray. Prevent that by spraying the polish onto the microfiber cloth and then wiping down the furniture piece. Is not that hard and time-consuming at all!